Meetings and reports

Commissioned reports 

The Council has commissioned a number of reports on matters it considers pertinent to its remit. Links to the full reports can be found below, prefaced with an explanation as to why the studies were commissioned. The Council welcomes your thoughts on these reports. Comments should be sent to

Public attitudes to biobank and related ethics and governance issues Author: Joanne Sumner (2 January 2007)

Access to the UK Biobank Concepts of the Public Interest and the Public Good Authors: Benjamin Capps, Alastair V. Campbell and Ruud ter Meulen (22 April 2008)

Public attitutes to third party access and benefit sharing their application to the UK Biobank - Final Report Authors: Andrew Webster, Nik Brown, Conor Douglas, Graham Lewis, Jane Kaye, Richard Tutton, Nick Williams (June 2008).

Access to the UK Biobank Resource Advising on the public interest and the public good - Version 2 - 17 February 2009 This is a living document developed by the Council in response to the commissioned report on the concepts of the public interest and the public good. This document will evolve as the EGC develops more knowledge and experience of what these terms mean in the context of UK Biobank.


Council meeting reports and related 
The agenda and report of any given meeting is approved at the subsequent meeting. The documents will be made available shortly after the approval meeting date.

The UK Biobank EGC Review 2016/2017 is now available.  If you would like to receive a hard copy of the Review please contact the EGC Secretary, Adrienne Hunt (

Meeting title Date Related documents
EGC annual review 2012
EGC meeting 33 10/12/12
EGC meeting 32 03/09/12
EGC meeting 31 21/05/12
EGC meeting 30 05/03/12
EGC statement on access 18/01/12
EGC annual review 2011
EGC meeting 29 12/12/11
EGC meeting 28 26/09/11
EGC meeting 27 06/06/11