Conference 2014

To mark the EGC's 10-year anniversary, we held a very successful evening public lecture (given by Professor Alastair Campbell on the topic 'Biobanks - can ethics keep pace with the science?') which served as a curtain-raiser for a two day international conference on 'Past, present, future: the ethics and governance of big biobanks'.

The conference sessions included: an overview of the governance of UK Biobank; governing access; engaging participants; feedback of results; genomic data and governance; follow-up through health and related records and data sharing. There were also sessions dedicated to hearing about the experience of other cohort studies and to discussing how experiences can be shared in the future, drawing on established and emerging international initiatives.

Videos from the event are available below. You may also be interested in the conference report, hard copies of which can be requested by contacting the EGC Secretary, Adrienne Hunt (